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My name is Mark Morton and I'm an expert level freelance PHP programmer and application developer from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Yes, right near the Big House if you are a college football fan.

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Although I spent nearly 20 years creating marketing programs for companies like IBM and General Motors, for the last 15+ years I have been primarily focused on web development and technology.

How important is your project? Is it a hobby? Is it business critical?

That's a pretty important question when it comes to hiring a PHP developer for your project.

PHP "developers" seem to be everywhere. Everyone knows a guy (or gal)! However, unless the developer does this full-time and is seriously committed to their clients' success - disaster awaits.

Again, how important is your project?

If the answer is "very" - hire an experienced, reputable PHP professional. If you aren't sure you've got the right partner, contact me.

PHP Programmer You Can Count On!

So What is PHP and Why do You Care?

If you want to learn more, you can read all the technobabble here. Essentially all you need to know is that PHP is a type of software development language that allows PHP programmers like me create web applications that can pretty much do anything you need!

PHP powers over 83% of websites that utilize server side scripting.


Is PHP All I Do?

Not at all! I have a lot of experience (expert-level) in web application technologies and general programming languages like Python. See the Technology Expertise menu above.


How Do I Work?

Efficiently! I like to work closely with my clients to understand their requirements and then hit the ground running. I serve as a freelance developer for clients in the USA and around the world!

I am not the low-cost provider, sorry. If you are looking for someone to work for next to nothing, I'm not your guy. But, I do see a LOT of projects that have to be re-done after the low cost developers get "done", so remember:

It's never cheaper and never faster to do this twice (or more!).


Want to Discuss Your Project?

You can email me or complete this quick form with more information on your project and I'll contact you within 24 hours.

Mark Morton is an Expert PHP Developer Based in Canton, Michigan, USA

(734) 748-1109 | | Skype: phpprousa

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